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beach of candidasa

Candidasa is one of the tourist locations owned by the island of Bali, located on the east of the city of Denpasar around the mount Agung. A trip to Candidasa takes approximately 1 hour past the coast of the island of Bali. Because it is one of the tourist destinations, Candidasa has some tourism facilities are more than average one of which is a hotel and resort.

Most hotels and resorts in Candidasa is located around the coast, started up from Padang bay until the hill towards the village of BugBug. There is something interesting about the beaches around Candidasa where some beaches have white sand, some other parts have black sandy and rocky in some other places. Hotels and resorts around Candidasa like the Puri Bagus Candidasa being around the beach that has white colored sand. This coastal villas on the east side looks popping up like the picture below where the private villa built on the coast with the help of a concrete breakwater. Areas in several places in the wake of a breakwater is to make this beach does not cause abrasion. One of the villas even offer a small dock that can be used to anchor a small boat or a fast boat.

View the sea around the beach is very nice because it leads to the west in the direction of the port of Padang bay so that the sunset view around the beach is very nice. If we are walking towards the hotel of Puri Bagus Candidasa from the place where many villa then we will pass fishing boats moored on the beach waiting for the right time to sail. But most fishing boat converted into a means of tourism which is to bring guests to tour around Candidasa beach or visiting one of the few places for diving like the Gili Tepekong.

Around Candidasa beach there is a water park located about a few meters from Puri Bagus Candidasa, but to reach this place had to use the highway can not walk alongside the beach because in some places as mentioned earlier many facilities are built off the coast leaving no place to walk on the beach. See some pictures of the water park in Candidasa.

Candidasa Water Garden

Around candidasa there are also many villages with cultural diversity which is amazing, one of which is the village of Tenganan and the village of Sengkidu. Tenganan Village is a village that is home to native Balinese. One of the indigenous culture so fascinating to observe is the festival mekare kare or Pandan leaves war. See some photos of Pandan War below.

Sengkidu village located close to Candidasa, about 1km before the Candidasa village which has a unique ceremony held every Year. For more details, please see some pictures of the ceremony in the village of Sengkidu on November 1, 2012.

Sengkidu village ceremony Photos

Those are some things about Candidasa and some interesting things that can be witnessed in Candidasa and surroundings. It is not yet everything because there is still a lot of other things that can be enjoyed around Candidasa.

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