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Do you want to have your vacation in Candidasa Bali? Candidasa is one of the fishing village in east of Bali which has many beautiful places to see and many things to do to choose from. Get your body wet on snorkeling or diving trips, explore the area by biking or trekking or just staying on your own private villas by the beach side.

If you wants to have your vacation in Candidasa beach then please browse more information on this site - to learn more about the area and what you might find here. Candidasa sure enough still retains its rural environtments which will make your vacation here secluded and away from the normal crowd. You will get total privacy and serenity while on the other side you can get the culture, information of the real Balinese way of life on your own.

Staying in Candidasa beach on your vacation will gives you the relaxation you need before getting back to your real lives. Its where the fun and excitements begins. Beach such as Candidasa is hard to come where you are not just getting first class accommodation with private villas but also getting as much experiences and culture of the Balinese way of life. . You will not getting things like this on other vacation destination.

Villa Pantai Candidasa

canggu beach vacationThis is truly a fabulous new villa. Designed for the discerning few who deserve such a luxurious holiday experience. Your choice of a private white sand beach or just soak up the sun by the pool.

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Candidasa Village Information

candidasa beach vacation A trip to Candidasa takes approximately 1 hour past the coast of the island of Bali. Because it is one of the tourist destinations, Candidasa has some tourism facilities are more than average one of which is a hotel and resort.

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