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villa asada candidasa

Candidasa is one of the vacation destination in Bali wiith beautiful shorelines, wonderful culture and tradition and also has beautiful rice fields scenery. This is also one of the vacation destination in Bali which has private villas as the source of accommodation, beside also filled with tourism standard such as restaurants and shopping center.

One fof the best way to stay in Candidasa is by renting a private villa. Travelers who visiting Candidasa village will discover that this village has a luxury vacation villas by the beach or with beach views. Candidasa villas also offer space, privacy, home comfort and also personalized Balinese services.

Villa Pantai Candidasa

canggu beach vacationThis is truly a fabulous new villa. Designed for the discerning few who deserve such a luxurious holiday experience. Your choice of a private white sand beach or just soak up the sun by the pool.

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Candidasa Village Information

candidasa beach vacation A trip to Candidasa takes approximately 1 hour past the coast of the island of Bali. Because it is one of the tourist destinations, Candidasa has some tourism facilities are more than average one of which is a hotel and resort.

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